CHJ Educators In Loco Parentis

The school is considered as the second home and the educators as second parents. In the absence of parents, teachers stand as substitute parental authority to students. CHJ was blessed with a talk on Child Protection Policy and Related Topics, such as R.A. 7610 or the Child Abuse Law, the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 and the DepEd Order on Child Protection. The talk was given by Atty. Christian Arfel B. Cuadras last June 2, 2017 at the school’s projection room.

The lawyer reminded teachers who interact with children that actions prejudicial to the child’s development and corporal punishment must be avoided because children are prone to abuse. Maltreatment, habitual or not, results to psychological and physical abuse while deeds or words which debases, degrades or demeans the intrinsic worth and dignity of the child as human being and unreasonable deprivation of basic needs for survival should also be avoided

He also reiterated that teachers must always seek the best interest of children because violence against children is also committed in schools. However, the school has also the right to enforce its own policy. Atty. Cuadras is partner of the Marañon, Sarabia and Cuadras Law Office in Iloilo City.









Mr. Roque Mario “Boy” Cequiña
CHJ, Inc., Iloilo City, Philippines