CHJ readies for Next-Gen Instruction

“What would your ideal school look like if all students were engaged?” This was a perk-upper during a seminar-workshop about Insights on Engaging and Effective Instruction for Next Gen Learners to CHJ educators last June 13-14, 2017. The seminar was facilitated by Dr. Carlo B. Bejaresco, a Senior High School Teacher from Cebu and a textbook writer for Phoenix Publishing House, Inc.

Doc Carlo shared his expertise on Understanding Student Engagement, Framework of Engaging Instruction, Planning for Effective Instruction, Strategies for K-12 Classrooms and Closure Techniques for the first day. It was followed with a talk on Science of Questioning, Content of Management, Conduct of Management, Covenant of Management and Mind Set.

He explained that Next Gen Instruction should focus on standards rather than technique, make learning experiential and authentic, give students control over their own learning, respect the learner’s ability to engage in parallel thinking, and highlight essential knowledge.

The two-day seminar was filled not only with very serious topics but with hilarious experiences and examples which gave the participants a chance to enjoy the art of teaching-learning. CHJ is truly grateful for being “Alagang Phoenix.”




Mr. Roque Mario “Boy” Cequiña
CHJ, Inc., Iloilo City, Philippines