CHJ welcomes home students

It rained cats and dogs the night before flooding the campus ankle-deep. However, like a miracle and with the intercession for St. Candida Ma. de Jesus, the first day of the opening of the new school year was graced with a very good weather condition.

CHJ welcomed home students and new parents with smiles and ushers, with music and dancing, and with laughter and joy. Students assembled at the gymnasium for the presentation of the Sister, teachers and staff, and the maintenance personnel. New parents were assured that their kids are in good hands. The day began with routines and guided activities.

The school is on its first phase of the implementation of the Grade 12 with HUMMS and ABM added in the curriculum. We thank the CHJ parents and educative family for continuously trusting the Hijas way of educating.

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Faculty and Staff’s Welcome Dance Number

Mr. Roque Mario “Boy” Cequiña
CHJ, Inc., Iloilo City, Philippines