CHJ’s Omelets go to Streets

After the novena to the foundress, St. Candida Ma. de Jesus, CHJ start off the city streets of Iloilo in different directions to bring good tidings of love for the poor.

August 8, 2017: Junior and Senior High School students prepared bun sandwiches with meat and veggies and bottled soda for the elementary pupils of CHJ’s adopted public school, Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School at Tanza Parish.

The students and faculty of CHJ were warmly welcomed by their Principal, Mr. Angelo G. Tanoy, together with the class advisers of MLQES. Gertrude Angela Moises, the Student Council President of CHJ, as well as Mrs. Edna Giner, Assistant Principal, gave a welcome message for MLQES. The High School Council Officers gave an intermission song and dance number.

CHJ Students were divided into batches for the interaction with the different grades and sections. They shared the life of Mo. Foundress and her deep love for the poor.

An Agape among each grade and section was held earlier in the classrooms. Students share among themselves food and pleasantries during lunchtime.

August 9, 2017: The weather was indeed best for the celebration of the 105th Death Anniversary of St. Candida Ma. de Jesus. Students and educators, alumni and parents, “Friends of St. Candida” and the PTA officers gathered together at the gymnasium for the Thanksgiving Mass presided by Rev. Fr. Midyphil Billiones, SThD.

The priest emphasized communion and mission through a simple poem: “I drew a line to shut you out; you drew a circle to shut me in.” He also encouraged everyone that all must have “labot” (relationship and concern) for one another, thus all must strive to “love-ot” (reach out with love) his or her brothers and sisters because we are one family with God as our father, the charism of the Hijas de Jesus.

The Eucharistic celebration ended with the singing of the “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” with Mr. Beny Castillon and Mr. Gerardo “Bimbo” Muyuela. Everyone shouted with joy “Viva!” for St. Candida.

The children’s excitement rose as eager hands beat the eggs, lighted the charcoals, prepared the sandwiches, and dipped the ladles into the “arroz caldo” pots. Hundreds of “Juanita omelets” were neatly arranged and packed together with bottled water for every passer-by along the streets. Kids giving out the sandwiches were happily greeting people “It’s our Foundress’ Feastday!”

The school offered lunch for all teachers and staff, guests and friends, maintenance and security personnel, and all those present inside the campus. The teachers were also grouped to create an impromptu song adaptation on the sayings of the foundress. The celebration ended with simple gifts from the school. It was indeed a wonderful day of saying “Thank You” to St. Candida Ma. de Jesus. Viva Santa Candida! Viva Hijas de Jesus!

Mr. Roque Mario G. Cequiña
CHJ, Iloilo City, Philippines
August 10, 2017