It is the policy of this school to require students to qualify for admission on the basis of its entrance tests.
It is also the policy of this school to admit students who profess the Catholic faith, with good moral conduct and satisfactory academic performance.
Finally, it is the policy of this school that, except in cases of academic delinquency, violation of school rules and regulations, the closure of a program, or the closure of the school itself, the student who qualifies for enrollment is qualified to stay for the entire period in which he/she is expected to complete the program, without prejudice to his/her right to transfer to another school within the prescribed period.

Admission Requirements


A. Preschool

1) Age Requirement The pertinent Dep Ed Order on age requirement shall be followed.

Kindergarten I- 4 years old by August Kindergarten II – 5 years old by August

2)  Documentary Requirements  

a. Baptismal Certificate (1 photocopy) b. NSO Birth Certificate (1 photocopy) c. Two I.D. pictures (size: “1×1”) d. Summary of Immunization Records (Photocopy) e. Certified Photocopy of Latest Report Card (Kinder II)

B. Grade School

1) Age and Academic Requirements

a. For Grade 1 – 6 years old by August b. The pertinent Dep. Ed. Order on age requirement shall be followed

2) Documentary Requirements

a. Baptismal Certificate (1 photocopy) b. NSO Birth Certificate (1 photocopy) c. Two I.D. pictures (size: “1×1”) d. Certificate of Good Moral Character (Grade 4-6) e. Latest Copy of Report Card (certified true copy)

C. Junior High School

1) Academic Requirements

A Grade Seven applicant:

a must have an average grade of 80 %; and must also have a good mark in conduct.

2) Documentary Requirements

a. Baptismal Certificate (1 photocopy) b. NSO Birth Certificate (original and 1 photocopy) c. Recommendation Letter from the Guidance Counselor and Class Adviser d. Latest Copy of Report Card (certified true copy)

D. Senior High School

a. Two I.D. pictures (size: “1×1”) b. Photocopy of First and Second grading grades c. 2 pcs 2×2 recent colored pictures d. Filled our registration form e. NCAE Examination Results to be submitted on March f. Result of Placement/Aptitude Exam ( for Completers from both FI and other schools) g. Result of Entrance with Passing Marks and Results of Placement/ Aptitude Exam for Completers from other schools h. Junior High School Certificate of Completion i. Grade 10 Report Card j. Drug-Free Medical Certification k. Medical Certificate

E. Foreign Students

In addition to the above mentioned requirements, foreign students must submit the following:

1. Photocopy of an Updated ACR (Alien Certificate Registration) and/or 2. Study Permit Approved by the Department of Education (DepEd)




The admission procedure for Grade School and Junior High School shall be as follows:

1. Secure an application form from the Registrar’s office. 2. Submit the duly accomplished form with the complete requirements at the Registrar’s Office. 3. See any of the Guidance Personnel/Designated Person for the preliminary interview. 4. Pay testing fee and secure testing permit from the Treasurer’s Office. 5. Take the entrance test at the Guidance Office as scheduled. 6. Qualified applicants shall come for the final interview with their parents and /or legal guardian. 7. The final interview and acceptance will be conducted by the Principal or any authorized member of the Board of Admission. 8. Qualified applicants shall come to secure confirmation and validations slips from the Registrar’s office and pay the reservation fee or enroll immediately. 9. All new pupils and students are considered under probationary status in the first school year of acceptance.

Senior High School Program (Integral Procedures)

a. Entrance and placement tests will be given for outside applicants or Junior High School Completers from other School. b. Only placements test will be given to our Grade 10 students. c. CHJ will receive completers from other schools staring SY 2016-2017.

Admission Procedures for Senior High Applicants

1. Upon submission of the initial documents, the student is given the reservation slip to be filled out. After the payment of the reservation and testing fees, to student is to seek a testing schedule from the SDC/Guidance/Registrar 2. A Placement Testing is given to the applicant to assess his/her capabilities and abilities that may affect the performance in the chosen track and strand for Completers from FI schools and other schools. 3. An Entrance Test and Placement Test shall be administered to new entrants/applicants from other schools and the result of which shall part of the requirements for admission. The applicant must obtain a passing mark in the Entrance Test. 4. The result of the Placement Test will be given to the student-applicant and parents. 5. Interviews will be done by the Senior High School Academic Coordinator / Senior High School Assistant Principal and the formal acceptance conference/interview by the Principal. 6. The student will submit other requirements and pertinent documents.

 Decision of the Board of Admission

The following are the members of the Board of Admission:

1. RCA 2. Principal/Assistant Principals/Academic Coordinator 3. Guidance Coordinator/Personnel 4. Registrar

The admission of new students is decided by the Board of Admission and is based on the entrance test results, recommendation, academic record and interviews.


Elementary and Junior High School

1. Uniform for Boys

Kindergarten to Grade 10



2.  Uniform for Girls

Kindergarten to Grade 6



Grade 7 to Grade 10



3. Senior  High School

Uniform for Boys



Uniform for Girls